Home Decluttering Services Package


Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation to discuss your needs. 

6 Hours of in-home decluttering and coaching.

Advice on eco-friendly options and alternatives. 

Planning your new environment. 

Taking away up to one carload of donations/recycling 


Extra Hours charged at £38 per hour

Single Room Declutter & Organize 

Clear out and organize that one room of your home that’s been in need of some help. 

Coaching and removal up to 4 boxes of donations/recycling.

£38 per hour

Bespoke Declutter 

For a bespoke package to suit your individual needs please get in touch and together we can create the perfect package to help you create the space and lifestyle change you’ve been dreaming of. 

Eco Home Detox

Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation to discuss your needs.

4 Hours in home service coaching on and implementing Eco-friendly changes around your home. 

Cleaning up your energetic space and managing specific issues such as EMF and unnecessary Chemical products. 

Introducing new products to replace old toxic non eco-friendly ones. 

Tips and tricks for more sustainable Eco living. 

Help with sourcing Eco products and services. 

Coaching on making your own eco-friendly products at home. 

Discounts for clients who have already purchased my Home Declutter Package or Bespoke Service 


£150 for clients who have had Declutter Package or Bespoke Declutter.

Plant Based Diet Coaching

Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation.

2 Hours private coaching session to educate, guide and facilitate you starting your journey toward a more or wholly Plant Based Diet. 

Advice on detoxing and why it’s important for your specific needs.


Plant Based Shopping & Cooking 

This is a super fun package ideal for anyone starting out on their new Plant Based journey. 

Designed to help you navigate the often tricky first steps into going Plant Based or even for just giving it a try!

We shop for and create an amazing Plant Based meal together. 

I teach you how to Shop like a Vegan, what to look for and what products are best for what.

Then after we’ve gathered a few things we cook a simple, delicious, healthy meal together and I show you some great easy tips and tricks along the way. 

Comes with 4 of my very own recipes printed out for you as a gift for you to try on your own!

Usually takes 3 hours. 

1 Hour in the grocery store going over vegan shopping while we grab our stuff for the recipe. 

2 Hours of at home cooking and coaching where we have a great time getting you comfortable working with plant based ingredients and learning new skills to apply in your kitchen at home.


*plus cost of grocery shopping for one dish ingredients on the day. 

Online Consultations

We can meet on Skype or FaceTime to get you moving on a great change no matter where in the world you are!

All online services charged at £40 per hour.  


Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation to discuss your needs. 

Organize and Refresh:


I walk you through a full virtual home or space of your choice clear out session.


We discuss ways to use space better and create a more energy balanced environment that functions in the best possible way for your needs and peace of mind.

It’s all about the vibes!

Eco Change:

Advice on easy Eco Upgrades around home or office and why we need them.

Eco Home Care Product swap or making your own Eco Products advice.

Help and motivation with clearing out and recycling unwanted goods. 

Energy management advice and dealing with such issues as Electro Magnetic Frequency protection and what we can

do to manage the pollution in your energy space. 

Advice on Personal Care Eco changes. 


Plant Based/Vegan Living Coaching:

Discussing Plant Based lifestyle changes suited to your level of interest and prior knowledge.

Advice on getting started or where to go if you have already made a start but need some more information or motivation.


Food choice and product advice.

Vegan shopping advice.

All your questions or queries about Veganism or Plant Based living answered.


Cooking advice and recipes to get you enjoying tasty and easy Plant Based foods. 

If you’re interested in learning more about my services or have any questions and would like to talk about planning a package that’s designed just for your specific needs simply get in touch. I cannot wait to help you make some of the best new changes of your life. 


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