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Life Shifts: Times that offer opportunity to Clear Out, Eco Upgrade and Welcome Positive Change

For anyone here that's seriously considering taking on something like Decluttering Services or Eco Life Coaching you might already have all the reason you need to take the next step and book in a service to start your new journey. But what about those of us that aren't sure where and why these types of things fit into our lives and if there's a good time to take that step at all?

Starting something positive and transformative is great at any time and at any rate we decide to take it on, but are there times that come along in life that scream "perfect time" to make a positive move towards change? Absolutely! And identifying those times might just make what can sometimes be a tricky transition into the best new foot forward you ever did step.

So let me outline for you a few Golden Opportunities that you might not otherwise notice as you move through the stages of life that are just begging for you to grab life by the horns and make them excuses for big fantastic changes.

Moving House:

We've all done it, most of us hate it and it is rated right up there just behind divorce (we'll come to that later) as one of the most stressful events we can go through. Moving brings up all sorts of fears for lots of different reasons and can spark anxiety even if the move is a positive one, and an upgrade to the quality of life.

So with so much going on why on earth would you dare to try and do more? Well the answer is simple and its actually a question.

What do you want to take forward with you into your future, and what should you leave behind?

After all moving house is a fresh start, a clean slate and a huge door of opportunity for us to leave behind what no longer serves us.

When we see it like that then we can immediately begin to build an image of what our new life in our new home will look like and only take the things and the habits with us that belong to that image.

In this instance I recommend taking on your Decluttering Services and Eco Life Coaching before you move, during your packing stage as this will save you lots of time, hassle and cost going forward to your new home by letting go of what you really don't need to be dragging along.

Although if doing both seems like too much to take on at once, don't worry you can always take your Eco Coaching once you're settled in and ready to implement some new greener living skills as you adjust to life in your new space.

By moving forward only with what serves you, your new life and new home you set yourself up for a true fresh start, without the weight or baggage of clutter! And that might just be something to get really excited about when making a new start toward a future new home.

Relationship Change or Divorce:

Now this one can encompass many of the elements and reasonings behind what you just read above. Many people when faced with a break up or divorce find themselves suddenly moving home too and while we tend to think of these changes as an ending or sad, which of course they are, but far more beneficial they also represent a new beginning, that when we shake off the bumps and scrapes we took in the process to get there can represent a bright new future.

Going from being in a relationship to suddenly single can be daunting, you have a lot of new adjustments to make and probably a lot of letting go of things to do. If you're moving on and trying to decide what needs to come with you, one of the main things that can cloud our path to a new start is being sentimental. Now there is nothing wrong with being sentimental, but the trick is not allowing it to drag you down or create emotional attachments to things that don't serve you or your future.

Enlisting the help of someone who can advise and support you in forging forward in the most positive way for you here and now can be such a loving way to care for yourself in times of change that are emotionally challenging.

A good coach will help you face up to and put into perspective any feelings you might be struggling with when moving on and out of one stage of life to another.

Having someone by your side when taking stock of what will serve you and what might just serve to upset you down the road can be really helpful. Saying that, no one you enlist to help should ever try to force you to part with something you're not ready to let go of.

I believe there is always time to take stock, and take stock again later down the track when you feel ready to re-examine things with new perspective and time.

Any way you slice it an ending no matter what kind, is always best approached when seen as a new beginning and opportunity to get a fresh start, and having a good old physical and emotional purge is right up there with that 'Im single, new hairdo' that makes us feel like we are moving forward as a new version of ourselves that is gonna do things just a bit better than we did before! And why not, life is about out growing the old and making space for the take what you need and leave the rest!

Down Sizing or Empty Nesters:

It obvious that deciding to downsize your home or living arrangements is a fantastic time to take on the task of sorting out and decluttering. What better way to make the most of what you're trying to achieve than to get someone else to get down and dirty with you and really get the most out of simplifying your life and home space.

This is a big one for the Empty Nesters out there who have finally kicked all the kids out to go clutter up their own lives and take back their homes to be lived in, or re-imagined to suit the purposes of the way they want to live going forward in their new freed up spaces.

I imagine the joy one must feel when finally you can hand that big box of old football jerseys and trophies to said grown adult child and lovingly but firmly slam the door in their face and scream "we're freeee" to your spouse and run around deciding what to do with 'not so little anymore Johnnys' old bedroom! Fantastic things no doubt, and seeing this opportunity for the key to the next phase of life that it is makes it a great time to really set your sights on long term images and goals of the way you see your home best serving you into the future and dare I say your 'Golden Years'.

This stuff shouldn't be looked at with negative connotations of old age and its challenges but with joy and bliss for the new stage of life you get to enjoy.

Really taking stock and investing the right time and energy into setting up your home to serve you in this time is really important and can go a long way into assuring the quality of life for hopefully many blissful years to come. Definitely food for thought Id say.

New Baby:

Last for today but not least is welcoming a new baby into your life and home. So much excitement and SO much to do right?

If you ask me this is one of the best reasons to sort your home and life out. For not only now is it you that has to live the consequences of your space and habits but a new little person who will very soon be watching every move you make with those little eagle eyes and learning their future habits from what they see you do and see around them.

Setting up your home pre baby is hugely important, for it will have an effect on how well you function in your transition from non parent to parent and the ease with which you go about your new and don't be fooled very busy, often crazy, sometimes very out of control feeling life as a new parent. Terrified yet? Hmmm.. I want to say don't be, but instead I will say you don't have to be..too much. Its all in the preparation!

My job as Life Coach really kicks into high gear here as I feel super responsible in times like these to help make important life changes enjoyable and successful for people. And before you ask, yes I am a Mom, so I know what Im talking about here.

I cannot stress enough that the better organized you are around your home before baby arrives, a whole lot better life will be once the little bundle of joy (and poo) is there.

Clearing clutter, cleaning up your home environment and upgrading to safer eco-friendly products in this time in my opinion is not only the smart choice but the safer one for you and baby and will set you off on the right foot for welcoming such a big exciting and important new chapter of life in the best way possible.

Having our kids grow up in a nurturing environment that instills in them good ethics, practices and a sense of respect for their own space, belongings and world at large is a fantastic gift as a parent to be able to give.

Welcoming a new life is a magnificent opportunity to set about new and better habits for our babies, ourselves and our homes, and when a child grows up living in harmony with his space and his planet, well there really is no telling what impact creating humans who truly know the value of 'living well' in the global sense could have for them and the world they create for the future.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope it's given you some inspiration for facing the changes and challenges that life endlessly offers us. I hope you will mull them over in your mind long after you leave my site and allow them to sprout new attitudes and approaches to how you face change and the opportunities they bring.

And if you need a little help I hope you will get in touch, as it would be more than a pleasure for me to be a part of any new chapter of your life in any way I can be of assistance.

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