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Eco Anxiety: Finding Balance For Everyday Living

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

So unless you've been living under a rock you know the constant and ever worsening state of the planet is the hot topic of our times. Terrifying images of Global Warming, Rising Sea Levels and Global Pollution has us all feeling pretty anxious most of the time, and for good reason.

Unfortunately life here on earth hasn't been run in the most clean or efficient manner in recent generations and it has us all feeling like we'd just like a big Do Over! If only! Unfortunately there isn't a reset button to hit and start again and that may leave many people feeling powerless and wondering if there's anything that they, just one small person could do and if indeed its any point at all.

Is it too far gone? Can one person really make any meaningful effect or change things?

It's all a bit stress causing and overwhelming sometimes and while some people feel inspired by that, others can be left feeling a bit lost and defeated.

'Eco Anxiety' on this modern, messy, over productive, fast moving planet has become a real thing for a lot of people, I myself can definitely say I am one of them. I have worked myself up into a state of despair more than once over the state of the world, the environment and its future..and don't even get me started on the animals because some days I could just cry when I think about it.

Many people get overwhelmed at the thought of it all and it can even have the opposite effect of inspiring them to make changes.

How many times have you felt like "well if I worry about that then I have to worry about everything" so instead feel like just sticking your head in the sand and avoiding it all?

Don't feel bad if you have to hold your hand up here because this is a common feeling.

But what if I told you that there is a balance? That it's different for everyone and whatever yours is, its very achievable and you might just enjoy it?

Our daily lives and the 'have to's' we cannot get out of are the things that structure our lives and habits.

So when looking at the subject of managing your Eco Anxiety and feelings of responsibility to the planet we have to understand that the only way to really start is to look at our lives and our practices as we go about the 'have to's' and find the opportunities that fit in amongst it all to make small changes to what we do, buy and take part in that will effect big change in the world and maybe even give us some relief from our guilty feelings when we see the latest headlines about how humans are destroying the earth.

How I hear you say? Glad you asked!

Think of all the things you do in a day and try to identify the little changes you can make that will have a positive effect.

Laundry? Change to Eco friendly laundry products! Then from there take a look at all the other products in your home and find new greener options.

And there are lots of ways to substitute, make your own and remove altogether certain products you don't need that are bad for the environment, and best of all you'll save money!

An easy one most people already do is recycle plastics, glass and paper...but could you do more?

There are lots of easy ways to up the amount of items that get recycled.

What about food? We love it don't we! What if I told you there were very simple, tricks and switches to make to what you buy that could not only massively benefit the planet every single day but benefit you, your family, your budget and your households over all wellbeing in such a huge way I'd have you feeling like a bit of an all round Eco Warrior Super Star? And don't worry because it doesn't require you eating things you won't like just to feel better about saving the planet.

That is actually the easy part..because food is such a big part of our lives, we need it every day and it just down right makes us happy. So when we find out how much more we can actually enjoy it and feel better from it, it's almost like being let in on a secret you can't believe you didn't know.

So with a bit of tenacity and getting ourselves in the know, there really are so so many little changes that can slip very seamlessly into our homes and daily lives that can make a big effect but not have us feeling totally inconvenienced as we manage the quest to just make it through the to do list every day, let alone save the whole entire planet and human race!

You in? Even just a little in? Dip a toe? There you go! Even a toe is a start..because did you know they even make Eco Friendly nail polish?

See you can even save the world with your toes! Great job!

Stick around with me, Reb here at Easy Green Eco Life Coaching because I have so much to share with you..your toes and the whole entire rest of you, and your you get the point.

Check out my Services page to see if there's anything you'd find helpful and click the link to go follow my Instagram page where I'll be sharing loads of helpful Eco Friendly, tips, tricks and advice!

Im so glad you're here!

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