Hi I'm Reb and since as far back as I can remember I have always been a bit of an organizational nut.

For me, everything has always had to have its place and be simple and logical.


The feeling of ease and calm I get from having a well organized functional space around me is so important to my wellbeing and I truly feel is the basis for everything running smoothly in my life, how I function and how happy I feel. 


Expanding on that very early on in life I also became aware that this feeling extended way past my personal spaces and out into the entire world around me.

Realistically how could I hope to maintain that feeling of peace and ease in my life if the values of my logical, clean, clear, and beautifully functioning home stopped at my front door?

I have always been a huge advocate for the health of our planet and have long been obsessed with the measures we can all take to do our part to make a difference, but somehow those things while important never really felt enough. I always daydream about a world where there could be a minimum waste, less pollution created, and everything not only having its purpose and being in its place but living in such a way that we create less pollution and waste naturally in the ways we go about life every day. 

You still with me? Good... because we're really just getting started here.


What you're really becoming mixed up in here is one girl's obsession with organization and function crashing headlong into her crushing need to make this world we all share, a healthier more beautiful place.

So here we are in this space I've created, where I've bought together all my obsessions and talents I've developed over the years, in a lovely jumble but very real approach to helping other people bring about refreshing new changes to their lives, the space they inhabit and how to extend that out into the world around them, for what could truly be a planet changing experience.

And just when you were about to do the big exhale after digesting all that....

Did I mention I'm Vegan (come on, you knew that was coming!), and should you be looking for advice, information or guidance on steps toward a more Plant-Based lifestyle I can teach you all about that too because if there's anything I love more then being super organized its probably making, sharing and of course eating great food that feels good to you and to the planet. 


So thanks for coming to my site. Im excited you're here, I hope you will stay and have a look around at what it is I do, and let me share my service, skill and passion for making life better for everyone with you. Check out my Blog too while you're here for helpful posts and insights you can take away, use and develop on in your daily life. 


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